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What is a MewShroom?

T he Fungapuss is a truly enigmatic creature. Mewshrooms are magical fairy creatures that have come to our world out of curiosity. They are playful and happy creatures that hold within them fascinating yet eerie mystic powers. Drawn to humans and life, they will bestow anyone who pampers and spoils them with blessings of luck, joy, and prosperity. However be warned! For while their appearance may seem disarming do not be fooled! The Fungapuss posses both the predatory ferocity of the majestic cat as well as the decomposing poisons of the cunning mushroom. Woe to those that dare to treat the Mewshrooms with disrespect. No one is certain for sure where the Mewshrooms came from or what they are truly capable of, but some questions are best left unanswered, for those that have ventured out to find the truth have never been heard from again....

The Mewshroom also are great friends with Cockblock. The two can often be seen playing together.

Anatomy of the Fungapuss

Mewshrooms are bizarre creatures with mysterious features. So far our dangerous research has concluded that all Fungapuss have the common characteristics of incredible agility with their small stumpy feet as well as the ability to detect auras and magic around them using their special sporepuff tails. The first Mewshrooms to appear are of the most prolific Amanitty Mewshrooms variety (don't eat them!). Along with the common red Agaric Mewshroom; several strange varients have also been found alongside them. Which mewshroom do you like? Which one bonds with you? Will favoring one Mewshroom upset the others? Only time will tell.

Where is Mewshroom?

The Mewshroom are always around causing mischief, mayhem, and joy. This is especially when they are paired with their best buddies the Cockblock Dolls. Find out what Mewshroom and Cockblock are up to on the web at the following places:

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