Welcome to my online store where you can get lots of Stitchmind goods.

~~I’m active during the 2020-2021 pandemic. items might take a few extra days to ship to you and international orders will take longer due to shipment shortages but they will go out via USPS~~

~~UK Shipping: due to changes in goods and service tax legislation I will not by shipping automated orders to the United Kingdom for a bit. Please email me if you are interested in A UK order and I will work with you individually~~

Most items are in Stock, Some of them sell out and I will make note of it.

Some Items will be Custom or made to order and might take a few days or weeks to make and ship to you.

I use Paypal.com to sell things. Paypal is a separate site that offers you a secure safe way to process your payments.

Shipping costs are usually around $5 to $6 for small stuff and $8 to 10 for larger stuff.
I try to ship as soon as I can but usually your order will go out within the week.

I ship internationally outside of the USA but it takes a few weeks to get them all they way to you and to go through customs so please plan accordingly.

Any issues can be evaluated on a case by case basis but in general all sales are final.
Please email me if you have an issue with my art so we can discuss.

All shipping charges are non-refundable. If the item has been delivered to the buyers address the buyer will assume responsibility for additional shipping charges.

Any Questions please email me. Stitchmind is a solo artist so thank you for your support!