What is CockBlock?

What is Cockblock

Once upon a time there lived an evil shaman named THE STITCH. The Stitch was a lonely an bitter man who lived who hated all forms of love especially in people. He would toil the world disgusted by the bonds of humanity and the relationships formed by it. He also hated babies. :O

The Stitch despised humanity so much that he sought to end their futile bonds together. Using his cryptic voodoo magics he created a horrifying fetish. The Fetish’s one purpose was to stop and halt all forms of human bonding.

His plan initially failed, The fetish was hideous and frightening and could not get close enough to people for its lonely powers to work.

But then his second plan came into play. Using deceptive magics the Stitch transformed the fetish into harmless inviting chicken dolls to be loved and cuddled by all. The cursed toys would infiltrate the desires of people and destroy their goals. He then named his creation THE COCKBLOCK.

Things were all going according to plan. The Stitch created hundreds of Cockblock Dolls and unleashed them on the unsuspecting humanity. It was great and really awesome, but the smoothness of the plan was only short-lived. The Stitch eventually grew arrogant and careless in his ways. One day the Stitch was crafting a new wave of Cockblock monsters when a terrible accident took place. The result mutated one of his Cockblocks into a humanoid abomination of toy and man. This Cockblock had a conscience and was much wiser his Cockblock brethren.

The Mutant Cockblock witnessed how his fellow Cockblocks were being utilized and was appalled. In his rage he attacked The Stitch with all his might, rescued the remaining Cockblock Dolls, and fled from The Stitch’s fortress of doom.

Now THE MIGHTY COCKBLOCK lives as a fugitive who stands for the opposite of what the Stitch represents. He travels the lands to undo the horrors The Stitch has done by bringing people together though love, desire and fun. The Mighty Cockblock is accompanied by his fellow rescued Cockblock dolls who have also forsaken there dark oaths and together they will bring love and happiness to everyone they encounter. But The Stitch is not far behind. With his army of evil Cockblocks he is hunting Mighty down to destroy him.

Now you know the story and when the day comes when you encounter these two dueling entities you must make a choice. Do you stand for the joys of love and friends, or the serenity of isolation. How will you use your Cockblock?

The Great Divide
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