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Gamesouls have a lot of options, if you want more then one here is a special deal for three of them at a cheaper price. Get a pack and share with your friends or keep them for yourself!
Gamesoul Pins are special 1.5 inch tall single backed enamel pins.

Use the menu to choose your desired custom drawing on the screen and the artist will place the drawing on the pin and ship your personalized pin to you.

Black and grey Gamesouls use black for the image, pink will use either white for the image or black if the image is a stamp style are (see the menu). Price if for 3 pins

Custom order screen image commissions are available if you contact me directly.

New Release Special: Free 1″ mini Sticker with purchase while supplies last!


Pin1 color

Pin1 style:


Pin 2 color

Pin 2 Style:


Pin 3 color

Pin 3 style:


Buy three and save. Click for more info.