Cockblock Doll Adventures: Disneyland! Part 2
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Hello There friends. We got so wrapped up in year end excitement that I forgot to comeback and share with you the rest of my trip at the magical park of Disneyland. Well you are not getting off the hook that easily! I am like your weird Aunt who visits randomly with vacation slides.

This park is very very big. After an exciting meeting with the king mouse I decided to take a quick lunch break and then continue to see the rest of the park’s many features… constant shopping ad scary rides!

No park visit would be complete without overpriced food! This meal set me back a whopping two paychecks. Cockblock money aint lavish yo.

They say that there are some spooky buildings in Disneyland so I went on a wild run through them.

This is that HAUNTED MANSION! It was full of very scary paranormal ghosts! It was scary at first but like everything in Disney they suddenly just broke out into song and dance and thus, like an oblivious boyfriend, completely killed the mood.

This castle building had spooky fairytale scenes from the fairytale “Snow White” All scenes where enhanced with magic lighting from Spencer’s Gifts. The eerie noises made nearby babies cry.

Way down on the other side there is another Disney park next to the park. I don’t know what I was expecting when I came to this side, but what I got was more places to spend money.

Lots of weird rooms with questionable interior design ratings.

I tried to grab this tempting little goodie but for some reason my wings went right through it! Nuts to that I said. I’m going to the gift shops to find some tangible souvenirs.

Once I got in one of the park’s many gift shops I was immediately drawn to the hats and their ability to make me look more dapper.

Here I am as the insane Boston tea party.

Here I am as the strawberry shortcake princess (I think I need to research my characters again).

I also spent some time blending in with the local plush.

When I got back outside I found the area where they keep the carnival rides! I’m going to go and all the ones that allow someone of my height to go on.

Well apparently my height is a little on the short side so the best I could do is to go on carousels, But at least I finally got to live my dream of riding on a giant fish.

Also a bonus but not on the list was riding a drugged seal.

Man, you can just slap eyes and a mouth on any weird lump and it becomes a noticeable character whats up with that…

The afternoon sets in and The park prepares for its closing.

As the night falls the park gift shops light up like super novas in one final attempt to get some shopping from you.

That marketing trick wont work on me! time to head home.

I frolic out the gate a little wiser in the ways of Disney magic.

Well its been fun thanks for letting me share my magical adventure in this twisted wonderland. Until next time.



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