Cockblock Doll Adventures: Going to the Muir Woods
July 11, 2014 · CATEGORY: Cockblock Doll Adventures · BY:

Today’s journey should be a peaceful one as I travel to northern California’s Muir woods. A magical forest where the trees grow as tall and nature abounds.

The Muir woods is one of the few remaining forests left in California that don’t have a coffee shop built inside them. The forest is a mix between a park and woods and there are lots of hiking trails scattered throughout. Since my little legs (?) can’t go far I will have to take the easy route.

Off we go!

Muir wood’s most prominent type of tree is called the redwood. It is a very moist tree that likes to grow ridiculously tall.

I will traverse through these majestic plants like a sly nugget on a strand of butter.

The woods are a joyful place for a outdoor loving artificial chicken such as me to get in touch with mother nature and the flora and fauna wrapped around her mystic bosoms.

Here are the exciting potato chip mushrooms. Nature’s crunchy decomposers.

And here is the ferocious ladybug. A fierce predator on the hunt deep in the woods.

And finally here is the nad plant. A childish plant that consists of two big bright red balls.

I continue my brave adventure deeper into the woods.

Can you find me? Haha I’m hiding in this picture.

What about now? I am hiding again!

HAH! It’s me I’m hiding under this noodle root.

Further down from here There is a small creek ripe for exploring.

I Just need to find my way down there.

Crossing this frightening body or water is going to be tough. These paths are dangerous I don’t know if I know how to swim!

Just don’t look down….

Whew that was close. I have finally crossed the deadly creek. We are safe for now.

Let’s see where else we can go. Hopefully it wont be as troublesome.

Oh dear. Spoke too soon.

Well I seem to have gotten stuck in this tree. Looks like well have to call it a day today while I figure out how to get out of here. Thanks for sharing my adventure with me! I will see you next time…. I hope.



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