Cockblock Doll Adventures: Cockblock in Hawaii Part 2
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another installment of my exciting travels around the human lands. Today I am once again in Hawaii, but as I spent the last few days in the city, I decided to head out to the more rural areas to see what the fun was about.

Lush greens and warm dirt roads make a stark contrast to the hotel-laden busylands before, but there still plenty of room for tourism on this vacation hotspot!

Lots of little stores all around here. Most of them apparently sell seashells which is a product you can neither eat nor play with so I question the economic value…

I also found these crazy giant walnuts on the side of the road! People are telling me that these are not walnuts but they are obviously just trying to be part of my treasure.

Our first stop will be food. Out here restaurants are for babies, This shrimp truck however, complete with bikini shrimp babe sounds amazing.

I feel so powerful now.

The food is served shrimpy and in small piles. Perfect for a a growing Cockblock like me.

After Shrimp I decided to try out these famous Matsumoto snowcones. While I am unsure how someone can make shaved ice and more special then anyone else, The line is long enough to mean serious business.

The wait is eternal….

I got a blue one, Since this thing is as big as me it might take a while to eat it.

After lunch It’s time to go see the sights.

The tropical weather creates lush plants and exotic hills. I’m gonna go out there and see if I can find any alien plants on this weird island.

The farmlands also use cinnamon instead of dirt to grow crops!

On closure inspection I discovered this is just dirt with some volcanic rock mixed in. If you are in Hawaii do not like the soil. It isn’t what you think.

I decided to go to the local parks to find my weird plants.

Deeper down the forest things started looking weird…

Oh hello.

Let see if anyone is home.

Looks like everyone is out to lunch we will have to come back another time.

There’s some Weird plants up here!

These wild potato plants were probably once a good food source for the natives, until they learned how to grow spam. They are still however as soft and pillowy as ever.

Cute little gardens are placed everywhere to grow their weird food.

Food like this huge blueberry with a crunchy shell. I have no idea what this is.

Actually I have no idea what most of these are…. These plants don’t make any sense to me.

I am just going to make up names for them. This is a noodle melon, used for sandwiches.

This is a nubbin diddle

Lets call these chipper berries.

baby beppy peas

this is a hive chunker

and these are… stylized hair grapes.

I guess I need to brush up on my botany. Remind me not to go into gardening in the future.

Last stop will be these pleasant water falls.

Nothing says tropical paradise like a bunch of wattr changing height very fast.

Well what a day time to head back.

Oh hello! Looks like a quick bonus we ran into some wild chickens!

Hello hello? Can I join you brothers.

Looks like the boss says I am missing elements to join the flock (like legs) better luck next time I guess.

Well that was fun thanks for joining me and see you on my next adventure. Maybe we will go somewhere with less sun.



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