The State of the Cockblock
April 30, 2015 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Whats up my Love-struck Friends. Mighty is back from a quick hiatus and I am here to let you know what sup with the whosawhatits of this here website. We took a short break from making posts because the head honchos up at Corporate said NO ONE READS BLOGS ANYMORE! Well they do…but with videos replacing reading and facebooks filling up more and more with bizzybuzzy feeding listicles, Exposure is tough for little ol me and my plethora of plush pals.

So were gonna Shake things up a bit. Cockblocks gonna still be here giving you the tips and tricks to cock out your life. But also expect a bit more intermingling if the bigwigs at Stitchmind to show up in here as well. Basically that means prep your eyes for a few pieces of spooky Goth art alongside our poultry themed artisticles.

Also to start things up we are now on Instagram! So feel free to add Cockblock to your hipster filtered lists of high contrast food and weird sweaty gym selfies! So stay tuned for more awesome Cockblock action and thanks to all for your support!

Mighty Cockblock


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