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Big Fat Cockblocks Incoming
October 15, 2018 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

The day has finally come theBig Fat Cockblock is returning from the long darkness.

Long time fans may remember that Big Fat Cockblocks were popping up every now and then as freak Cockblocks occurrences, but these were just due to sizing inconsistencies and a total lack of mathematical skills!

So to keep them in check we said screw it and added their big fat DNA to the Cockblock alchemy. The result are these new and improved Big Fat Cockblock designs.

New Big Fats feature a streamlined design with huge eyes and a mondo size of 10 inches! Our biggest Cockblocks ever! They also come off in a new Black Color featuring pure white eyes as innocent as the fat they are filled with.

Big Fats Cockblocks will be joining the special edition line of Cockblock Dolls and will be up for sale from Stitchmind Artworks in the coming weeks. We are so excited that we are going have them for a special DISCOUNTED PREORDER PRICE so you can make sure you can secure one of these rare fat babes!

Mighty Cockblock

Something Big Fat and Black is Out There
October 5, 2018 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Cockblock essence keeps creeping along like a beautiful ivy bloom of anti-love. Growing and growing until all life is embraced by its magics. Lately they have been growing a lot. Maybe too much perhaps. Better proceed with caution for its that time again! A new Cockblock variant is crashing its way is down and the very soil is shaking with its arrival. Prepare your pants!

Mighty Cockblock

Black Friday aproaches
November 19, 2017 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

The blackness approaches!

My favorite holiday once again approaches! And we are not talking about the one with the turkeys. It’s the other one that happens at the same time! Black Friday! A day to secure the greatest of deals on the stuff you really NEED!

This week we will be celebrating the release of some of our newer items this year. First off we got the aforementioned Horny Cockblocks landing in from the rainbow planes with their magic horns and hot vibrating action!

These guys are new so grab them quick because they will be gone before you know it.

If vibrating horns aren’t your style we got some sales going on too. Our fancy-pancy trinkets will be on sale with metal keychains going for 20% off and our new line of enamel pins are going to be a whopping 30% off!

If you still haven’t grabbed a classic Cockblock yet we will have the white ones at 20% off and the still new classic Mewshroom in Red is also going for 20% off!

Still not enough blackening of fries for you? How about this salty treat, all plush orders placed this weekend will come with a free mini sticker pack!

Think of how amazing you will look as you gift these treats to your closest friends and family! But really think of yourself and how sweet it would be to get some of this stuff for the most important person of all! Remember these deals are short and hot, Lasting only the weekend! So go ahead and go to the store and get one!

Mighty Cockblock

The Horny Cockblock Invades!
November 12, 2017 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

From the mystic cosmos of the stars beyond… or at least from a high schoool girl’s Trapper Keeper from the 90’s comes the new Horny Vibrating Cockblock.

Horny Cockblocks are the best! The list of reasons why can go on forever! Lets start with that horn! So majestic! You can be sure that these Cockblocks are packing gallons of horny CB magic to ensure your social life is in peak control. What else is there? Well looks like these little fellas travel in pairs. Horny Cockblocks can come in either classy purple plumage, or more bold & wild rainbow pastel getup. This is one Cockblock that knows how to peacock around!

Oh yea one more thing. These guys can move! Horny Cockblocks have a little string on their butts. What mysterious powers will they display if someone were to pull that tempting line of fate?

That’s right VIBRATING ACTION. These Cockblocks are certainly making me weep with joy, we’re talking double rainbow style tears people!

Horny Cockblocks will be joining the special edition line of Cockblock Dolls and will be up for sale from Stitchmind Artworks really really son! We are talking like next week here folks!

Hope you can contain yourselves until then!

Mighty Cockblock

Something Horny is Out There
November 10, 2017 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

The twisted aura of Cockblock spreads far and wide growing more uncontrollable each passing day, like a dancing storm! Sometimes that chaos goes in directions that even the most flippant of minds can’t comprehend. Mystical, magical places, and from he looks of it that’s just whats happening very soon. A new form of unidentified Cockblock is once again approaching us! The distant rumblings of something powerful, something shaky, something with girth! What strange new types of Cockblocks are out there in the stars? Let’s find out!

Mighty Cockblock

Thankful Thanks time with Cockblock
November 24, 2016 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Well now this year is fast reaching its salty end! What a wild few months that has been. We here at Cockblock are just tickled and giddy about all the exciting things that came abound.

The year ain’t over yet though. Your ol’ pal Mighty has got a few more tricks up these vinyl sleeves to throw at you guys. First off our new pals the Mewshrooms have just sprouted and are invading homes and lives as we speak! To make them feel welcome, Cockblock is going to be giving them a little fanfare to ring in the shopping season. For this years Black Friday special all Mewshroom purchases with come with an extra special limited edition free postcard gift. Now when you Bless someone with the Fungapuss you can write an official note to tell them how much they mean (or don’t mean) to you.

If Black Friday doesnt get you all riled up then you are probably the type that likes to sit back this weekend and feast on the birds and cornucopias! If that’s the case we got good news for you to. To celebrate the holiday we have finally gotten the long overdue Deep Fried Cockblock up in the store. Now everyone can nab the newest Cockblock mutation and chow down on the holy greasiness.

You can find more info on these guys in the Stitchmind Store. Thank you all for the thanky thankings and thanks for looking!

Mighty Cockblock

Mewshrooms are now available!
November 22, 2016 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

After a long journey and a crazy Kickstarter, Mewshroom has now officially joined the ranks in Cockblock’s entourage! Mewshroom plush are now available in the Stitchmind Shop where you can choose from five different colors to suit your fantastically fun fungus tastes. Learn more about our newest family member at and visit the store to adopt one today.

Mighty Cockblock

Mewshroom has been found!
July 27, 2016 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Oh my oh my! It appears the magical Fungapuss is making its way out of the forest and into our homes! Mewshroom is coming and Cockblock is super excited.

What is a Mewshroom you ask? Well we don’t know exactly… They are friendly but they are dangerous. They like people but maybe they eat them too! So we are not sure what they are but one thing we do know for sure is that Cockblock and Mewshroom are gonna be BEST FRIENDS 4EVA!

As we discover more interesting things about Mewshroom we will post it up on our website and share the new knowledge. In the meantime Mewshroom is getting ready to make a grand entrance so stay alert!

Mighty Cockblock

Something Mewshy is out there
· CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

There is something different in the air. Something strange and squishy… It seems like Cockblock Magic but this one seems different somehow. Something ferocious yet musty if out there, maybe in the forest? Cockblock and the gang will go out exploring and find out whats up. Stay tuned for our report.

Mighty Cockblock

Fanime is coming again!
May 23, 2016 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Another year another adventure. Cockblock and Stitchmind will once again be showing off their newest fetishes and snake oils at Fanimecon 2016.

Fanimecon is northern California’s most bad-ass anime convention. Cockblock and Anime go together like banana splits and mayonnaise! As artsy fartsy folk, we will be right in the heart of the most creative section THE DREADED ARTIST ALLEY.

As always we will have loads of art and goodies. From items with discount prices to whole whopping freebies as well some exclusive stuff you can only get when our vending is out and about.

It will also be a time showcase New Stitchmind art but more importantly the chance to grab the new limited edition Deep Fried Cockblock Doll!

We are super excited! So sharpen your and gunblade, put on your best school uniform and come say hello!

Mighty Cockblock

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