Cockblock Doll Adventures: Cockblock Goes to Morro Bay
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Ah the soothing sounds of the Ocean, my true home…

Hello friends! today’s adventure brings us to the majestic Morro Bay. A quaint little water world in the middle of California’s left side center.

As a chicken, I am always one with the ocean. One might say I have an affinity for it. My sealegs drag me to these little bayside tourist towns without consent. Now if only I could swim, or had legs even…

Morro Bay is a magical place famous for the Morro rock. A mystic rocky hill that the ancient ones called “da big blue lump”. *citation needed*
We are going to go visit it and see how much of a rock it is.

Cartoon Sea Otter greets us with a chilling, yet appropriate order.

There are two sides to the Morro Rock. A rocky non-sunny side, and a sandy beachy sunny side. I arrived at the dark side first.

It’s not all mopey over here though. There are a bunch of other chill creatures chilling in the shade.

In the water weird little otter creatures roll around. Thinking they have it made with their water-proof fur. But the jokes on them since they all have stumpy legs not fit for land.

I met this little one who decided to sit and have a chat with me. I was like “Why you here on the beach? There no nuts here!”

A quick hike around the massive boulder will get us to the warmer side of the pillow.

This thing is huge, There is no way I can go over it so I must go around.

Rocks get smaller and smaller as the beach draws closer and closer.

Cryptic signs… Must be getting close.

This must be the place!

Wow its so soft! This sand is everything I dreamed it to be. I bet it tastes like peanut brittle!

I stand corrected.. it is not “everything” I dreamed.

On this side there are lots of fun things to see too.

Here we have the ferocious sand dollar, a predator from the jungles of the Pacific Ocean.

And here are Morro’s Cliffs of Madness, On fall will end it all, in watery wetness.

And the final sight is this mound of kelp. A gold mine for spa fanatics everywhere.

Well this may just be a big rock but there sure are a lot of fascinating things around it! Thanks for joining me on my Adventure. See you next time!



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