Cockblock Doll Adventures: Dublin
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Time for some fun in the jolly streets of Ireland!

Hello friends. It is a chilly winter day and I have found my way to the magical green realm of Ireland. The land of luck, charms, and a lot of rocks and grass.

Today we will be making our way into the city of Dublin, the capital of this land of ire.

Like most European places, things are different then my homeland of the ‘muricas. For instance the roads to town are paved in stone and brick unlike the roads we have made of cheese and fried dough. (I may be mixing up America with a carnival, but I doubt anyone will spot the difference).

The tracks lead right into Dublin. Lots of old buildings stand with majestic history.

The local post office is way too fancy for its own good. Must be exciting when my fellow Cockblocks get sent here when ordered by to eager Cockblocking Dublinites.

Here is the great king of ireland Charles Stewart Parnell. Once again I am not very good with my history, but I think hes the one that either made Ireland a happy place by using the sorcery that is politics. I bowed to him in honor.

Dublin has its own way of making sure its two conflicting societies stay separated, by using the ever popular “put each side across a river” functionality. The City it divided into a preppy fast top half and a crazy laid back bottom half.

Along the river there are many sites to see, and the river can be crossed by several different bridges each with a distinct flavor.

Before I could cross I had to defeat one of the bridge guardians the ferocious emaciated zombie dog.

These characters are actually a tribute to the famine. A long time ago Ireland had trouble finding food so all the people had be hungry stickmen or super models. Harsh times….

On the other side of the city things get more cozy and old-timey. The roads are made of cobblestone so its nice and bumpy!

Hello Ma’am! I enjoy your three empty baskets.

Many little stores offer stunning confectionery for the weary traveler.

Ferocious Garda Trucks guard the most precious of golds. Garda is actually the law enforcement that keeps the drunks away from the sobers.

The streets in Ireland twirl and wind, it is easy to get lost in the stone maze of cabbage and wool scarves.

But perfect for a wanderlust Cocklock to trot wherever needed!

In the back ally I discovered the city’s fine collection of hoodlum markings, just like the illegible stains of home!

Ireland is also well known for drinking a lot. The best place to do this is in one of the thousands of pubs with goofy giggle-worthy names and whimsical sounding spirits.

I will just have one, I don’t want to get too belligerent…. maybe 3 more after to wash it down.

Oops! I spent too much time pubing out…. The days almost over!

I’ll have to continue my adventure later on then! Thanks for letting me share!



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