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Peacockbling Gold Cockblock Swaggers in!
May 22, 2020 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Sometimes Cockblocks just need one thing to work. Full Peacocking bling 100%, And that’s just what this new breed of Cockblock is shooting for.

Cockbling Gold Cockblocks are the attention setters of the new Cockblock age. They are shiny and they are gold… They need nothing else. This heavy duty Cockblock is not for soft, flaccid hearts. They demand the throbbing rock-hard confidence of only those brave enough to harness GOLDEN COCK MAGIC.

Are you ready to fondle this powerful eight-sided nugget of joy? Cockbling Gold Cockblocks will be joining the special edition line of Cockblock Dolls and are up in the store right now!

We are even going to do a special deal! For a limited time to celebrate the new release all Gold Cockblocks will come with a free mini gold Decal to so you can brand anything your want with cockbling power!

What are you waiting for? Prepare yourselves!

Mighty Cockblock

Something Shiny is Out There
May 10, 2020 · CATEGORY: Uncategorized · BY:

Society is living in troubled times! Things are different now. It was once socially acceptable to go out and party, but now this action is as ridiculous as your sad attempts to ask your crush out to the county fair.

Social isolation? Human distancing? Harsh things to deal with…unless you happen to be a certain magic cube of course! Cockblocks have been hungrily sucking up all this new crazy energy to bloat themselves full of bling and swagger. The result is a new mutation the likes we have never seen! Powerful, heavy-duty Cockblocks are starting to dig out of the cocky gold mines. Blinding all onlookers with awe-inspiring power and wielding a HUGE HEAVY PAIR of magic …wings.

Will these new Cockblocks razzle and dazzle poor victims to a bitter end? Or will they sugar coat your love life with the sweet loot of romance? We will just have to see.

Mighty Cockblock

Tender Black Cockblocks are here!
November 28, 2019 · CATEGORY: Announcements,Uncategorized · BY:

There is a new Cockblock type in town. A squishy shadowy force has emerged from the chicky depths to create a whole new type of black Cockblock.

Tender black Cockblocks boast an extra soft design to go with their freaky white eyes. finally you we can achieve the chess-like foundation to Cockblocks we always dreamed of!

Tender Black Cockblocks will be joining the special edition line of Cockblock Dolls and are actually available RIGHT NOW for a SALE PRICE at the store! Go check them out!

Mighty Cockblock

Special Sale with
July 31, 2013 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

I am very excited to announced that we are going to have a week long special sale on Cockblock Dolls through the amazing site

“There ain’t nobody here but us chickens! No, but really. We’ve gathered nothing but great chicken paraphernalia from egg-citing brands like Stitchmind and DKE (for all of your plush chicken needs) and the quirky Sarut (the chicken purse!). So clear the roost and make room for your new best friends.”

Fab is going to have a chicken themed sale for the week and Cockblock is invited. We have a bunch of to be sold through them so now is as good a time as any to pick one up. On top of that we have a special treat. Fab will be selling a very limited number of our special edition Cockblocks including the new Spooky black Cockblock with glow in the dark eyes. This will be the first place you can get this version on the internet so if you had your eyes on a spooky doll you should definitely head on over.

Fab site


Mighty Cockblock