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Cockblock Doll Adventures: Cockblock Goes to Morro Bay
May 6, 2015 · CATEGORY: Cockblock Doll Adventures · BY:

Ah the soothing sounds of the Ocean, my true home…

Hello friends! today’s adventure brings us to the majestic Morro Bay. A quaint little water world in the middle of California’s left side center.

As a chicken, I am always one with the ocean. One might say I have an affinity for it. My sealegs drag me to these little bayside tourist towns without consent. Now if only I could swim, or had legs even…

Morro Bay is a magical place famous for the Morro rock. A mystic rocky hill that the ancient ones called “da big blue lump”. *citation needed*
We are going to go visit it and see how much of a rock it is.

Cartoon Sea Otter greets us with a chilling, yet appropriate order.