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Cockblock Doll Adventures: Dublin
February 12, 2016 · CATEGORY: Cockblock Doll Adventures · BY:

Time for some fun in the jolly streets of Ireland!

Hello friends. It is a chilly winter day and I have found my way to the magical green realm of Ireland. The land of luck, charms, and a lot of rocks and grass.

Today we will be making our way into the city of Dublin, the capital of this land of ire.

Like most European places, things are different then my homeland of the ‘muricas. For instance the roads to town are paved in stone and brick unlike the roads we have made of cheese and fried dough. (I may be mixing up America with a carnival, but I doubt anyone will spot the difference).

The tracks lead right into Dublin. Lots of old buildings stand with majestic history.

Cockblock Doll Adventures: Cockblock Goes to Morro Bay
May 6, 2015 · CATEGORY: Cockblock Doll Adventures · BY:

Ah the soothing sounds of the Ocean, my true home…

Hello friends! today’s adventure brings us to the majestic Morro Bay. A quaint little water world in the middle of California’s left side center.

As a chicken, I am always one with the ocean. One might say I have an affinity for it. My sealegs drag me to these little bayside tourist towns without consent. Now if only I could swim, or had legs even…

Morro Bay is a magical place famous for the Morro rock. A mystic rocky hill that the ancient ones called “da big blue lump”. *citation needed*
We are going to go visit it and see how much of a rock it is.

Cartoon Sea Otter greets us with a chilling, yet appropriate order.

Cockblock Doll Adventures: Cockblock in Hawaii Part 2
January 23, 2015 · CATEGORY: Cockblock Doll Adventures · BY:

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another installment of my exciting travels around the human lands. Today I am once again in Hawaii, but as I spent the last few days in the city, I decided to head out to the more rural areas to see what the fun was about.

Lush greens and warm dirt roads make a stark contrast to the hotel-laden busylands before, but there still plenty of room for tourism on this vacation hotspot!

Lots of little stores all around here. Most of them apparently sell seashells which is a product you can neither eat nor play with so I question the economic value…

I also found these crazy giant walnuts on the side of the road! People are telling me that these are not walnuts but they are obviously just trying to be part of my treasure.

Our first stop will be food. Out here restaurants are for babies, This shrimp truck however, complete with bikini shrimp babe sounds amazing.

I feel so powerful now.

Cockblock Doll Adventures: Cockblock in Hawaii Part 1
November 14, 2014 · CATEGORY: Cockblock Doll Adventures · BY:

Aloha! Cockblock has been working hard this year so I figure it would be a good time to spend a few days on a little vacation, and when most fat creatures with minimal leg use think of relaxation they think Hawaii!

Hawaii is one of Americas most tropical and exotic states It’s where Spam and lava comes from. Today I will be visiting Honolulu a magical city on the bestest most touristy of islands.

The place is the epitome of tropical vacation. A lush warm paradise of beaches, palm trees, and many many doofy gift shops.

I’m excited! Lets take a stroll around the city and see what we can find.

The first local I met was this happy fellow. I joined in with him in giving all with cross the path a rightful scowling. Sadly I could not get the level of ferocity down.

Hawaii has lots of roads. I wondered how they get cars all the way down here since it’s an island. I concluded its probably by catapult.


Quick Pic: Ready to Ride
July 17, 2013 · CATEGORY: Picture Time · BY:

Racing down the road… the wind blowing through my hair!


Cockblock Doll Adventures: Cockblock at the Eifel Tower
July 6, 2012 · CATEGORY: Cockblock Doll Adventures · BY:

*The palpable Cockblock travels out to see the exotic sights of the world.*

Why hello there! It’s me the Cockblock. I just got back from Paris and I got to see the mighty Eiffel Tower.

For those who don’t know the Eiffel tower, or “La Tour Eiffel” as they say in France, is a gigatnic architectural abomination with a corrupt and somewhat pointless purpose. Just like me! It was made in the late 80’s when people’s perception on beauty was undeveloped, and as such only about half of the world’s population think it’s pretty. It is one of the tallest structures in the world and it uses this height to its advantage when it plays basketball with the other buildings at night. There is a radio antennae or something at the top too.

Aside from the antennae, the tower’s main use is to generate tourist income. There is a line for the elevator to go up and see the tower. The line is ridiculously long and I’m a busy Cockblock so I decided to take the stairs which has no line at all for some strange reason…