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Cockblock Doll Adventures: Disneyland! Part 2
January 10, 2014 · CATEGORY: Cockblock Doll Adventures · BY:

Hello There friends. We got so wrapped up in year end excitement that I forgot to comeback and share with you the rest of my trip at the magical park of Disneyland. Well you are not getting off the hook that easily! I am like your weird Aunt who visits randomly with vacation slides.

This park is very very big. After an exciting meeting with the king mouse I decided to take a quick lunch break and then continue to see the rest of the park’s many features… constant shopping ad scary rides!

No park visit would be complete without overpriced food! This meal set me back a whopping two paychecks. Cockblock money aint lavish yo.

They say that there are some spooky buildings in Disneyland so I went on a wild run through them.

This is that HAUNTED MANSION! It was full of very scary paranormal ghosts! It was scary at first but like everything in Disney they suddenly just broke out into song and dance and thus, like an oblivious boyfriend, completely killed the mood.


Cockblock Doll Adventures: Disneyland! Part 1
October 25, 2013 · CATEGORY: Cockblock Doll Adventures · BY:

Cockblock Magic isn’t the only kind of magic in our decadent world, and lucky for me I get to go to one of the most magical places of all! Disney land!

Disneyland is a theme park built from the outcome of giving a ton of money to some crazy guy who really like fairies and talking animals. I forgot the guy’s name. I think it was something like Watts Doosey. But I could be wrong.

Disneyland is also famous because its one of the cleanest theme parks of all time. How do they keep the place so tidy and vermin-free? With magic of course! Or maybe they has some sort of secret animal barracks where they train stray cats to hunt and kill all the pests in the park… but no that would be silly.