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It’s The Deep Fried Cockblock!
May 14, 2016 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

The Cockblock family is reaching new uncharted oils!
Introducing the Deep Fried Cockblock Doll:

Deep Fried Cockblock emerges from the vat of your darkest fears, featuring a new “cooked” bronze color in shiny new skin! Each DeepFried Cockblock also has special wings and most importantly the new protruding bone segment to grasp for those who need to Cockblock with one hand free to use for “other” activities.

Is Cockblock Magic being revolutionary or just running low on ideas? You decide and let me know!

Deep Fried Cockblocks like the others will be joining the limited edition line of special Cockblock Dolls and will be up for sale from Stitchmind Artworks later in the month. You can get one in person starting at FanimeCon 2016 and on the website shortly after. I will announce when that happens.

Add a little crispiness to your Cockblocking and see you soon!

Mighty Cockblock

Valentine’s Day Sale!
February 10, 2016 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Cockblock is celebrating the Holiday of LOVE! Does your Cockblock Doll stand for or against the dreaded Valentines!? Now until Feb 14th get 20% off a Classic Cockblock doll. Go on!

Sale $20! Get one at the Store now!

Give the gift that special someone truly needs deep down inside.

Mighty Cockblock

Tip of the Cockblock: The DO’s and DON’Ts of Resolutions
January 10, 2016 · CATEGORY: Tip of the Cockblock · BY:

Om my! You interrupted my meditation you scoundrels! It is I, your favorite guru, Cockharishi, returned from my cave of enlightenment to avail you with my infinite wisdom and aid you on your journey of self-improvement, no toad-licking required!

The year is new and so are your goals; like a bright shiny penny, you want to pick up this new start and spend it wisely. Problem is every year so far you’ve reached for the stars and fell flat on your ass, but this time it’s going to be different, cuz your wise ol pay Mighty is here. Remember that saying about how doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity? Well now you can be certifiably* sane because I have some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.

*no certificates shall be issued at any time


Nobody likes cold turkey, so when diving into that tepid pool of false hope you call resolutions try and pace yourself with some self-control. Trying to cut back on the sauce? Switch from vodka to wine before you pull your jaundiced behind onto the wagon. Or, if you vow to go to the gym more, pick one with a jacuzzi, or at the very least cable TV. I mean come on, what are you, a martyr?


Nothing looks more unsexy then taking a sad failed turd of a resolution out back to be put down like a traumatic childhood memory, so pick a resolution that’s attainable. Keeping things light and simple will have you spending less time pulling your feathers out and more time savoring the sweet mustard of self delusional accomplishment. Take this for an example. If you play Elder Scrolls too often but just bought Fallout 4, resolve to play Elder Scrolls less often. Bam! Easy success and now you’re king of the world!

DO: Choose Wisely!

You are who you are, volunteering at the shelter once a month isn’t gonna transform you into Mother Theresa (the fairy tale one), so make sure a resolution will transform you into the glowing stud/stud-ette you always dreamed to be and, more importantly, how others picture you as. When Gandalf the Grey encountered the balrog he had a difficult choice to make. I mean yeah sure, He was gonna fight that buttmunch no matter what, (it was the only way through the mountain), but he CHOSE to do an extra kick ass job of it and in the end he got a sweet white hair upgrade. That’s sure to impress the lady wizards at the next enchanted ice cream social!

DON’T: Beat Yourself UP

Alright, so you slipped up, maybe that third bowl of ice cream NEEDED to be eaten, who’s to say? You’re not a pathetic worm, spineless and suitable only for the consumption of your avian overlords. Everybody falls sometimes. Try again tomorrow, but you might want to sleep in…. and possibly have a few muffins for breakfast to get your day started.


A resolution doesn’t have to be a lonely quest. Chances are the people you rub shoulders with are as degenerate as you are. Find a friend with similar flaws and then discuss cheap/easy fix ideas incessantly. This will give the illusion of progress whether you actually do anything or not.


Once February rolls around, you will either have completely forgotten about your resolution, fought with your buddy, or been trampled to death under the heels of your superiors. But who cares? Resolutions a stupid tradition, invented by greeting card corporations to sell gluten-free notebooks or something. You could be struck by lightning tomorrow, so the way I see it as long as you don’t cling to tall metal poles during thunderstorms you are basically winning at life . So keep doing you and don’t forget there is always next year!

Until next time, namustard, my young Padawans and Padawanas.

Mighty Cockblock

black frysdayssaele1
November 24, 2015 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Damn! It’s Black Friday, time put some Cockblock Dolls on SALE PRICE. This Friday We are taking off 20% on White Cockblocks, and Cockblock Keychains. That’s Classic White and even our Big Fats!

Sale $20!

Sale $36!

Sale $6.00!

Come and get the greatest gift you can give this season. Check out THE STORE To get one on sale now!

I am also going to have the limited edition colors available for backorder. We got most of them, but The Stitch is busy in his lab crafting the ones we are missing so they will be ready in time for the holidays. Yea! Enjoy!

Mighty Cockblock

Fanime time soon
May 21, 2015 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

It’s that time again. Cockbock is going to be heading down to San Jose for the oh so biggest FANIMECON.

As always Stitchmind Artworks, will be in the Artist Alley. Find him in the middle at table 1008!

There will be a slew of Stitchmind and Cockblock goodies for sale, some stuff you can only get when our vending is out and about. It will also be a time to get your hands on the NEW FISHY COCKBLOCK!

So get your wacky cosplay up, get out there, and say hello!

Mighty Cockblock

Fishy Cockblocks Making a Splash
May 15, 2015 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

We have cried out to the briny depths and they have answered. The Fishy Cockblocks as coming ashore.

The Mystical Fishy Cockblock comes equipped with a dazzling shiny fish topwatfin and ONE EXTRA LIMB in the form of a cute little fishy-wishy tail. We considered having them smell like fish too, but The Stitch once again yelled at us for the thought…

Tastes just like chicken! or fish….

Fishy Cockblocks will join the rest of the limited edition line and will be up for sale in Stitchmind vending starting at FanimeCon 2015 and on the website shortly after. We will announce when that happens. Hope you fish one out!



The State of the Cockblock
April 30, 2015 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Whats up my Love-struck Friends. Mighty is back from a quick hiatus and I am here to let you know what sup with the whosawhatits of this here website. We took a short break from making posts because the head honchos up at Corporate said NO ONE READS BLOGS ANYMORE! Well they do…but with videos replacing reading and facebooks filling up more and more with bizzybuzzy feeding listicles, Exposure is tough for little ol me and my plethora of plush pals.

So were gonna Shake things up a bit. Cockblocks gonna still be here giving you the tips and tricks to cock out your life. But also expect a bit more intermingling if the bigwigs at Stitchmind to show up in here as well. Basically that means prep your eyes for a few pieces of spooky Goth art alongside our poultry themed artisticles.

Also to start things up we are now on Instagram! So feel free to add Cockblock to your hipster filtered lists of high contrast food and weird sweaty gym selfies! So stay tuned for more awesome Cockblock action and thanks to all for your support!

Mighty Cockblock

APE CON 2014!
October 1, 2014 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Oh man the year goes by so quickly! Stitchmind Artworks is once again selling at ape which means Cockblock attendance is mandatory!

APE con is is really special convention because it fosuces on those weird alternative arts and comics you just cant find anywhere else. This year they have a new location. Well technically its and old location because the old location isnt good anymore so they went back to the old old laction… BUT ANYWAY!

Table 1037 find my in the back dealing our shady deals

Mighty Cockblock

Fanime 2014 Cockblock Goons
June 23, 2014 · CATEGORY: Cockmunity · BY:

We sent out some spooky weirdos in Cockblock garb to enjoy the Fanime funtimes this year. They took some sleazy selfies with some bodacious cosplayers. Check out their hijinks in these snapshots:

Mighty Cockblock
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Fanime Time!
May 20, 2014 · CATEGORY: Announcements · BY:

Its that time of the Year again! Cockblock is heading down to San Jose this memorial day weekend to party at FANIMECON the Bay area’s hottest, coolest, and way-too-biggest anime convention.

Once again our evil bigboss Stitchmind Artworks, will be in the Artist Alley. This year Cockblock is busting out some hot new goods. Come get your hands on the new limited edition Fruity Cockblock:

Also our key chains have been redesigned and are back in stock:

And while we are at it we got some silver pins for those who want to adorn the crest of the C.B. in style.

These plus many more new Arts, prints, buttons and everything. We got a lot of surprising coming up so hope to see you there.

Mighty Cockblock

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